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SandCastle Lessons of Course

Well, this may be an obvious one since you're already here, but we thought it would be a great way to start our travel blog!

There's more to the beach than just sitting there!

Sometimes all you just want to do is just chill on the beach, listen to the waves and kids playing while sipping on an ice cold fruity drink! That sounds like a great day, doesn't it! But for those days that you are feeling a little more ambitious, a family SandCastle Lesson is just the perfect thing! Learn how to build the biggest, most awesome-ess SandCastle Ever!

What is a SandCastle Lesson?

So, that is a great question! Our team of amazing SandCastle coaches meet you at whatever beach you are staying at with all of the buckets and tools needed to build a huge sand masterpiece! They will teach you the tips and tricks that the professionals use to make your family become #Rockstars on the beach! Even though people automatically think of sandcastles as a little kids thing, our lessons are actually designed for ALL AGES! You can book your classes online at and get ready to have the time of your life on the beach!

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