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Working Together like NEVER BEFORE!

Your team works together everyday, but betcha they've never worked together like this!!


So what is Teambuilding SandCastle Lessons you ask? Besides being the coolest way to learn something new, it brings your team together to create a sand masterpiece! We meet you at a beach access of your choice with all of the buckets and tools to build a huge SandCastle! We break everyone up into teams and they work together to come up with a design for their sandcastle. You can choose a theme if you would like or we can give you ideas too. Then, we help your teams turn their vision into a Sand Masterpiece! 

Once everyone is finished, we always like to do a friendly competition, choosing the top 3 sandcastles, awarding the first place winners with excellent bragging rights!

It's a great way to get your team working together, from conception to completion while being out of the office for a couple of hours! Prices vary depending on group size, but no group is too small or too big. So, give us a call today to learn more and get your next teambuilding activity booked!

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We all know that it's hard to be creative sometimes and make your company stand out from the crowd! Well, now we have just the thing to do that! Advertise your business with a huge sand sculpture that is designed by you and capture the moment with our professional photography session that will leave you with breathtaking pics of your brand! Use these photos to stand out from the crowd with your advertising!!

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